What Is Personify Technology

Personify is a unique mash up of machine learning geeks, computer vision experts, ninja coders, and visual artists.  Since the company was founded in 2009, the Personify team has focused its energies on creating a better and more personal way for people to interact with each other using video.  

The next major advance in video communications is Teleportation, which lets you interact realistically with anyone, anywhere. Personify is raising the bar as a teleportation pioneer with both a development platform and a range of teleportation products. The Personify Teleportation Platform provides developers a powerful set of capabilities to embed immersive user video directly into their applications.  Personify technology analyzes the video stream, isolates and segments the user as if they had a green screen, embeds the user video onto their game session, presentation, online meeting or other content, and streams it across the internet using highly optimized network technology.  Developers can now create experiences that enable immersive video communication as a seamless part of the application experience.

How it Works

A core feature of the Teleportation Platform is Dynamic Green Screen Technology.  It isolates the user and removes the unnecessary background, effectively acting as a green screen without the need for an actual green screen! Super-effective, lightweight, terrific quality — works like magic, at 30 FPS, with a standard webcam or mobile cam. It uses key breakthroughs in deep neural networks, along with innovations in computer vision to achieve high quality in virtually any setting. Our technology also takes advantage of depth-sensing 3D cameras like Intel RealSense to achieve professional-level results.

Dynamic Green Screen is the first step. We’ve integrated it with a highly-optimized WebRTC based peer-to-peer networking layer, which enables real-time streaming and collaboration. This makes it simple to add video chat to applications. Because it removes the background, Dynamic Green Screen significantly lowers data bandwidth requirements, and enables a fully peer-to-peer video chat for up to six people, also reducing server costs.

Where It’s Going

The future of powerful personal communications and teleportation is augmented and virtual reality. Head-mounted displays enable an immersive experience and full perspective, letting you to interact with others as if you’re sharing the same physical space. With AR/VR it is no longer acceptable to simply capture a 2D video of a person. Instead, a real-time 3D video that’s viewable from any perspective must be captured, processed and transmitted at high quality and low latency. Personify is at the forefront of this evolution in communications with the Personify Teleportation Platform.