The use of video communications is growing dramatically.  People are engaging each other in greater numbers via live streaming, video messaging, and video calling.  The next major advance is Teleportation, an immersive, augmented video experience that lets you interact realistically with anyone, anywhere, on any content. And Personify is the pioneer.




With the Personify Teleportation Platform, development partners can create immersive video experiences by using our Dynamic Green Screen™ technology to automatically remove the user’s background from their webcam or mobile cam feed, then teleport the user through the cloud in real-time. Learn more about the technology that partners like Intel, Razer and Logitech are using to create amazing new experiences.



Personify ChromaCam

Magically replace the background in your favorite webcam video app.  No green screen needed. Works with communication apps like Skype and Google Hangouts or game broadcasters like XSplit and OBS


Personify Fusion

Collaborate, immersively. Connect with video with multiple friends, teammates, coworkers and share a desktop, compete in multiplayer games or enjoy live sports as if you’re in the same room.


Personify Presenter

Enable high-impact online presentations with a personalized presence.  Naturally place your video image into the presentation.  Integrates with conferencing apps like GoToMeeting, WebEx and more.