About Personify

Based in Chicago, with a presence in San Francisco and Vietnam, Personify uses the most advanced technologies in computer vision to develop fresh and immersive video experiences. These experiences facilitate real and meaningful connections with everyone, everywhere.

Personify, Personified

We innovate. We ideate. We collaborate. We drink a lot of coffee. Say hello to our leadership team.

Sanjay Patel

Ph.D, CEO & Co-Founder


As CEO and co-founder of Personify, Sanjay has grown the company from 5 people at the University of Illinois to a global team of more than 30 technologists and innovators, with dozens of partnerships and relationships with companies like Intel, SAP, and Lenovo. In another life, Sanjay would be running his own ramen noodle food truck.

Jim Kosmach

Ph.D, VP of Engineering


Jim leads Personify's world-class engineering team and his research has led to 6 issued patents and 4 patent applications. Jim uses phrases like "vector-enhanced processing algorithms", "cryptographic protection", and "macroblock encoding" like most people use "peanut butter and jelly" or "hot air balloon". Outside the world of code, Jim was once considered a world class Rubik’s cubist and enjoys hiking and camping with his family.

Simon Venshtain



Simon leads up the creation of the core technology which powers the Personify experience. Once a graduate student at UIUC under the advisement of Sanjay Patel, Simon now works alongside him to bring telecommunication to a whole new level. After work, you'll usually find him at the gym trying to prepare for the next powerlifting meet or Tough Mudder competition.

Rishi Kumar

VP of Business Development


Rishi works to create and manage Personify's partnerships to better serve our customers. Along with holding several roles in software engineering, product and business development, he was once a cast member of a reality based treasure hunt show shot on the island of Mauritius, which fortunately for him (unfortunately for everyone else) never aired.

Nick Timmons

Director of Sales


Nick is Personify’s go-to-market leader, and is responsible for driving revenue and adoption for the products that define the company. He has an abiding love of Philosophy, and a voracious appetite for knowledge. When he's not proselytizing on behalf of Personify's Innovations, Nick can likely be found indulging new tech, funding cool things on Kickstarter, or his diving into new hobbies like cryptocurrencies and Data Science.


Personify has attracted a world-class group of individuals to our team, who are rapidly changing the landscape of online video communication. Using the latest sensing devices, advanced algorithms, and new computing power, we are radically expanding what is possible with video technology.

Our work environment is fun, casual and designed for rapid growth and innovation. Our team is passionate, innovative, team-oriented and coffee savvy. If this sounds like you, we can't wait to hear from you!